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  • Electricity. Plumbing.
  • Carpentry for interior and exterior trim.
  •  Frame carpenters.
  •  Hard wood floring installers .
  • Paint works for residential only.
  •  Interior and exterior.
  •  Gutters.
  • Kitchen renovions.
  • Demolition.
  • Out living works.
  • Restructure repair.
  •  Watter proofing works \ Crowl spase .
  •  Basements.
  •  House keepers residential only .
  •  Rental property’s maintenance services.


About Us

We are a consolidated company since 1999.

Our services expand in the Charlotte North Carolina area.

Our services:

  • Dommpers for construction.

  • Demolition and dumper.

  • Certified plumbers service.

We connect the city to your plumbing.

We are the solution for people who want to build something personalized or to invest.

We have the best engineers and architects in the city with more than 20 years of experience in the construction business.

we offer the inspection service, if you need an inspector in the city leave it in the hands of professionals and experienced outdoorgc.com

  • Our residential cleaning service with the satisfaction that you are looking for since we have Prodesionales and experienced people in charge of residential cleaning since 1999 in the city of charlotte nc.